Reflections (How Do I Not Get Out of My Own Labyrinth)

digital photography

Reflections (How Do I Not Get Out of My Own Labyrinth) was created in Fall 2011 after my trip to Prague. It was an inspiring trip but a heartbroken one. The frustration and anxiety from human relationship made me interested in the world of reflection – the reflection on cars and windows, especially.

The reflections of San Francisco in the Fall are very vivid. I developed a relationship in between the reflections and my self. I began to feel the presence of them and heard their voices.

They seemed to be playing with me, teasing me as a friend of mine. They were everywhere, as if they were following me… Even when I closed my eyes, I saw their colors.

When I heard the reflections were calling, I had to go out and capture them. It was an urge from deep inside of my body. At the same time, I was very afraid of them and their colors because I was exhausted by their intensity and the huge amounts. Sometimes when I walk in the city, I tried not to look at windows.. but when I see them, they are just so familiar, playful, and maybe, harmless.

Later on I figured, these reflections reflected my distorted memories and thoughts which I couldn’t express through words. Just like how human benefits from dreaming. They are my guardian angels from a lost world.

Instructor: Roland Young

"Sometimes the hero has to reborn by swallowed up by a monster in order to find re-birth" – Carl G. Jung

Q: Did you use photoshop on these pictures?
A: Not at all. They were born this way.