Astrid Bai

I’m interested in the ubiquity of internet, of how it makes us communicate through it and how we can work with it to better ourselves. It makes us new to something every day. The Digital world has become the extension of ourselves and our physical world. These two worlds are merging very quickly. Are we ready to become what we are becoming? How do we shape internet and how does internet shape us? I’d like to invite us to enjoy and explore the vitality and new possibility the Internet offers with vigilant eyes and an open mind.

Most of my work starts with the bizarre discoveries that I find on Internet and in daily life. I play with Internet language and expression such as GIF, meme, search query, remix, and user interface. I explore notions of identity, the abstraction of relation and association, thought process, digital culture, our new becoming, and the ambiguous aspect of our verbal and written language. I explore how we work with sharing, multiplying, remixing files rather than struggling against them, banning the acts. It is inevitable that we will use shared images, words, videos, creativity to fully express ourselves. What are the other ways to solve the issues in this brave new world?